“Tutto per Gesù! Il mio motto, il mio pensiero, la mia volontà; la gioia e il dolore, la sanità, la malattia, l’amicizia e l’abbandono, la vita e la morte, tutto per Gesù e per Lui solo”

Beato Pianzola


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We adore you, or Trinità Santissima,    
and we thank You for the gifts of grace    
and of virtue that you have lavished      
to the Blessed Father Francis Pianzola,    
apostle of the Eucarestia,    
of the immaculate one, of the Church,      
among the youth       
and among the humble and needy people.    
Both for us I model of Christian life    
and intercessor in Sky.       
For his/her prayer,       
grace is given us       
what confidently we implore...       
In the memory of the Blessed
Father Francis Pianzola      
and of his/her missionary vocation    
he/she calls other disciples to the sequence of    
Jesus in the Church       
because the announcement of the Gospel of the Kingdom    
spreads along the roads of our time.    
Glory be to the Father… (three times)
(the prayer with ecclesiastical approval)

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